Information in English

Andrea and Marathon Corsairs Association was born in Piacenza.
Since July 2007, we have worked to honor Andrea Di Muzio, a young boy passed at the age of 15 because of a brain tumor.
At the beginning, the Association dealt with sports, organizing marathons to raise funds for children’s and teenagers’ tumor research.
In July 2011 the Association became a non-profit organization, to involve new projects in order to help children and teens suffering from serious pathology and disability.
Awareness-raising activities have been developed through sport and cultural events, web and flyering.

The Association follows two main projects:

  • Sport Project
    Volunteers work hard to take on marathons by several distances, pushing young disabled by using customized wheelchair created specifically for these events.
  • Social Project
    Volunteers offer counseling service and take care of young people affected by high-risk pathologies, the association helps to make some of their wishes come true, setting their fantasy free and sharing part of their troubled path.

These projects are very challenging and stimulating and the volunteers can support special and unique children in their arduous path. Just sharing a smile and paying more attention can make it easier for these children to become stronger and more determined to face their life obstacles.